Bright. Australian birdlife.

I was lucky enough to witness some local wild birds visit the beautiful established garden of the cottage we stayed in for the weekend at Bright.

Bright is a beautiful town located in the Oven’s Valley. It is located at the base of our snow mountains and an easy distance to the snowfields.

The bird feeders were located just in front of the cottage and close enough for me to photograph the birds from the verandah of the cottage. The birds tolerated our presence but were wary of sudden movement and fly off if startled.


We had several Crimson Rosellas visit the feeder and one King parrot.

PicMonkey Collageg

PicMonkey Collageb

PicMonkey Collagede

Photo Subject- The Australian Kookaburra.


 I have lived in Australia my whole life, some fifty plus years.

On my recent holiday in N.S.W, I was lucky enough to encounter these two birds.

They are blue winged Kookaburras.

It is very common to see Kookaburras sitting up on the power lines or fences.

In my experience they are fairly timid and fly off if they come into close contact with humans.

The first bird was happily sitting on a balcony railing of our accommodation and didn’t mind me creeping up on him to snap some shots.

The second chap below was sitting in a tree at the local beach at eye-level.

He also seemed to not mind being my photographic model for a few minutes.

This is the closest that I have ever been to a kookaburra.

These photos are my first Kookaburra photos and will not be my last, now that I know I have  10 Kingfisher varieties to capture on my camera.


Today I found  the following very fascinating facts about our Kookaburra’s from

the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage

  • The Laughing Kookaburra is the world’s largest Kingfisher.

  • We have 10 different Kingfisher Species in Australia. They are the azure, forest, collared, sacred, little, yellow-billed and buff breasted paradise kingfishers and the blue winged and laughing kookaburras.

  • They mate for life and live in the same place for most of their life.


All Australian School children will no doubt learn the Australian Song,

“Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree”.

It is a favourite for singing rounds in primary school choirs.

Older children love to change the lyrics to

“Kookaburra sits on an electric wire, jumping up and down with his pants on fire.”

If you are interested click on the youtube link below to listen to

What is better a filter or the real photo captured by the camera on auto focus ?

Hubby and I like to eat our evening meal outside on the
verandah overlooking the little lake and pier ,
at our holiday accomodation.
This is the same time that the native birds come
into feed on the Grevilleas .
Always in search of the best possible photo I have
the camera ready and more often then not, will abandon
my meal and go off taking photos.
We stayed out a bit later the other night and I was
able to play with the changing light of dusk
My favourite shot is this one below.
No filter added. This was how my auto-focus camera captured the light.
I decided to trial some filters and the
following are the resulting photos.
I like them all but my favourite is the original
because it was a gift from my camera to me.

Blossom Time of year.

I saw this little tree as I was driving to work today.On my way back past it, I had to stop and take a photograph.

For it’s size this tiny tree was laden with beautiful pink blossoms, that smelt divine.

IMG_1517c (2)

Everywhere the Magnolias and the fruit trees are coming to life after their winter dormancy.

The blossoms signal the end of Melbourne’s grey skies and are a sight to behold.

For me it means that I have survived another winter and the blue skies will be back to cheer me up on a daily basis.

IMG_1517b (2)














Texture Filters Play. Subject Bees.

Every winter my amazing Camellia tree bursts forth with masses of beautiful pale pink flowers.

The bees come in masses and I delight in watching them encase themselves amongst the stamens.

They remind me of little go-go dancers as they push their way through the stamen bars of the cage, into the centre. Busily carrying out the dance of nature before departing in search of the next flower.


This week I am spending hours in search of the most amazing bee photo.Often at the risk of getting stung.

They don’t like the click of the camera when I take a photo and will often come flying out and buzz around me to see what the danger is.

So far I haven’t ever been stung by an angry bee, upset about being disturbed from it’s very important tasks of cross pollination and nectar collection.

What I have discovered is that I need a new camera, capable of taking great macro shots. The autofocus camera we have is fantastic at panoramas but loses it with closeups.

The photo below would have been a great shot if the photo quality was better.

I love the idea of new life with the green shoot and the bee amongst the stamens.

My quest yesterday, was to see if there was a way with picmonkey’s filters to save this photo from the bin.


After using auto-correct to enhance the image, I was not confident that the photo could be improved.

I remembered that picmonkey has a textures overlay filter and decided to test them out.

The first one was a weave filter, which gives the photo a look of being printed on linen in the first shot.

A larger weave filter  in the second and third photos looks as if the photo is a tapestry embroidery.




For the two photos below, the texture filter I used was the metal texture.

The resulting pictures are very interesting and the texture overlay helps to distract from the poor quality of the original image.


I really love the resulting images and I can even imagine one or two as cushions in my future sewing room.



Spotlight – Filter Play

Today’s creative experience was to start with a solid colour background and use a mixture of different filters on picmonkey.

This was pure play as I had no idea where I was going with this.

I like things to be symetrical and tidy, so I flipped the original image twice to create segments.

I really like the radiating effect of the central spotlight and the pixelated rings leading the eye to the outer border.

There is no recipe for this creation as I wasn’t writing down what filters I was using.

 No doubt I will never be able to reproduce it. It is a true original Linny J Creation.

spotlight 2

Spring is coming.

Despite being a cold, overcast Melbourne winter day, I found the garden is bursting forth with signs of the coming spring.

A closeup of this cluster of primula flower buds, inspired me to play around with the filters

of  my picmonkey photo editing program.

IMG_1501ad- Copy

I used a combination of a solid aqua background, 2 shape cutouts one of which had a transparent background and highlighted it all with a radiance filter.

The rainbow effect of the colours reminded me of the bursting forth of spring and the happiness that it brings to my life.