Still chasing bees.

Today the bees were swarming around the freesias. Time enough to grab the iphone for a quick photo.

As they had to crawl a fair way down into the trumpet shape of the flower, it gave me time to prepare to catch a photo of them. Making the task a lot easier than trying to photograph them on open flowers. My reflexes are not as fast as they used to be.

3 thoughts on “Still chasing bees.

    1. Happy New year to you too Avis. I am on holidays and I am going to treat myself to scrolling back through your posts for the last 6 months. Can’t wait to see how creative and busy that you have been. How is the weather up there on top of the world. Summer and sunny down under. Enjoying the outdoors at the beach and photographing the native plants and animals.xxxx Linny

      1. My other blog has been more productive this year. It’s called Sewing Beside the Sea (in case you don’t know). It’s not too bad here for winter so far. Only a couple of icy days, so I’m not complaining. Enjoy the sunshine and the outdoors 🙂 Lucky you!

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